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Highway to France helps entrepreneurs and companies from outside of France with their business in France. France has a large market which can be interesting to grow your business and expend your activities. Doing business in a country other than your own is always a challenge. The paths to be followed can be very different and this also applies to France, for example when it comes to administrative obligations, legislation, the social security system, and even business culture. Therefore, doing business in France effectively often depends on local contacts. As an 'on-site' coordinator, we may be able to do a lot for you too!

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Why invest in France?
Here are 6 good reasons to get started:

France is currently one of the most competitive countries in Europe with regards to production costs. In Europe, France is also the leading nation in hosting foreign companies with more than 28,000 foreign subsidiaries. France offers many business opportunities for entrepreneurs and business creators.
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We provide support and services for your business in France linked to: distribution, internet sales and finding your way in French administration.

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Do you want to:
• Distribute or sell your products in France but have no idea where to start?
• Move to France and want to start a new activity?
• Expand your activity in France without physical presence?

Or are you looking for:
• Solutions for your business linked to the French market/administration?
• A representative in France to deal with business matters on the spot or to make some French phone calls?
• A roadmap for steps to take in France?

We offer services that may help you to move on !

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COVID-19: Impacts to business

A couple of months ago it was still normal to take the train or get on a plane to France to go to meetings and to handle business issues in France. As a result of the COVID-19 virus, things have changed. Even though most things can be handled remotely nowadayss, some issues require a "smaller distance solution".

Do you need to handle matters that should best be dealt with on sight in France but you are unsure how to organize that in these times? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can see what we can do for you.

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