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About us

"After finishing a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and a master in sociology for management and organisation I started my career in The Netherlands in social work and consultancy for care companies, I now have been living and working in France since 2012, where I worked as a manager for different distribution activities and have started my own company Highway to France in 2018. With Highway to France I combine my experience with French business, distribution, and necessary administration with my love for helping out others and consultancy.

Highway to France offers support to entrepreneurs and companies with their business in France. Our main activity is distribution and sales support for brands from outside of France, but Highway to France can also be of service with the management of your French projects and administrative issues related to your company, employees, or your own position as an entrepreneur in France.

Doing business effectively often depends on local contacts, not only when it comes to sales but also to find your way with all kind of administrative issues. Having a coordinator on site who is fluent in the language, legal and administrative aspects is essential. Feel free to contact us with any questions, we may be able to do a lot for you!"

Tinka Steijger, CEO and founder

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Contact us for example when:

• You are interested in the distribution of your brand on the French market but would like to keep control of it yourself.

• You already run an online store in your own country and are interested in expanding your offer on the French market. However, you are stuck with elevated costs for shipments to France and French customer service.

• You have a company that already has activities on the French market, but you encounter difficulties with French administration.

• You want to start a business in France

• You need someone who can arrange (administrational) matters for you on the spot for example:
• Opening a French bank account for your foreign company
• Finding your way with French taxes
• Contact French authorities, customers or business partners to get the information you need to move on

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Highway To France: An essential link for your French productivity!

We can provide the tools and support you with productive and administrative knowledges to become your best partner for your distribution channel in France.