Our services

for your B2C sales in France

Do you want to commercialize your product online to French consumers? We completely understand. We’re offering a package that includes:

  • Storage (including insurance)
  • Assembling and packing
  • Printing packing slips and invoices
  • French customer service and order related communication by phone and email (optional)
  • Warranty service (receiving retour shipments in France and dealing with)
  • Translation of your website in French and French (product) updates

We establish a personalized estimate according to the needs of your company

for your B2B sales in France

Our vision is that a brand needs to be able to develop, grow and manage its global market. That’s why we offer distribution services in France instead of acting as a distributor. This makes you be the distributor of you brand and allows you to:

  • Oversee your European price policy
  • Invoice straight to French customers and spread your turnover
  • Manage your French sales and turnover yourself

Highway to France has a distribution/cross dock center where we can receive and dispatch or store products for the French market.

Sales and distribution in France are strongly based on the work of region-oriented sales agents and (their) relationship with retailers and purchasing managers. Together with you we can recruit and your French sales agents, manage your sales team and accounts and search for the right communication options.

your activity, your projects, your employees and yourself

In France, most administrative operations are not linked, and so each must be carried out separately under your own responsibility. Even though France is currently digitizing many procedures, a lot of physical paperwork is still needed. We can support you organizing the necessary administration for your activities in France.

We can also help you find your way between different facets of the French administration that concern you as an entrepreneur or (new) company in France as well as choosing the right legal form for your French company and support you creating your company or establishment. We can help you in different areas:

  • Creation or business establishment
  • Manage your employees in France
  • Getting a French VAT number
  • Help you with administrative institutions (URSSAF, Malakoff Mederic...)
  • Help you with Health Insurance (CPAM...)
  • Support with opening a French bank account for foreign company

You've got questions? We've got answers!

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